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    Reef House

    A collection of my journal entries as I travel the world, blog, live, love, loathe, intoxicate, and self destruct.

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Wrecked At The Reef

Belligerent Blog Writings With Reckless Abandon

Why Beach Life Rules

Seriously, if you're reading this from your stuffy office space, you know why it rules. Own life, don't let it own you.

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Back To The Beach

The edge of the earth is a spectacular place to sit, toes in the sand, and ponder life and it's awkward moments.

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Floating The Reef

Burning weed leaves, and floating the reef seems to draw deep thoughts from within. Cloud 9 Neverland.

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View pictures from some of the most amazing places in the world. This collection of photographs represents life and what it means to live.